Challenge Farm has taken in 150 abandoned and orphaned children off the streets of Kitale, Kenya and provided them with a safe place to live. The children live in dorms and attend either the Farm’s accredited elementary school or other areas schools. Some have finished technical training and are employed as interns at the farm or other area businesses. In addition to feeding, clothing, teaching and nurturing the children, Challenge Farm offers:

  • A vocational training center to prepare older children for the workplace and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to have a successful future
  • A residential drug detox and rehabilitation center for children that have become addicted to sniffing glue
  • A working farm that grows corn (a food staple in Kenya) and other crops, and raises rabbits, chickens and cows that produce food, milk and income, with the goal of becoming self-sufficient
  • Weekly Christian church services, held every Sunday in the Farm’s church building
  • The center for the annual Royal Family Kids’ Camp in Kenya, an international ministry for abused, neglected and abandoned children focused on providing fun, safety and positive memories in a Christian environment
  • A trained Kenyan staff that runs Challenge Farm on a daily basis, including a director, a social worker, a bookkeeper, teachers, dorm monitors, night guards, kitchen staff and a maintenance crew

Building the Future: Ending Poverty in Kitale, Kenya

We cannot achieve our vision of ensuring that every child lives in a safe and loving environment without aggressively going after the root of the problem: poverty and desperation in the Kitale community. Therefore Challenge Farm also offers:

  • A resource center where single mothers and grandmothers can learn literacy, parenting skills and self-sufficiency
  • A business arrangement with the Akiriamriam Women’s Slum Group to produce jewelry in exchange for profits, which provides them with an honest and safe way to make a living (www.crafts4kenya.org)
  • Building teams and funds that help to create better living arrangements, such as stable housing, for those in need in the Kitale community
  • Inviting community nurses, doctors and other skilled professionals to help improve the community’s standard of living
  • Annual community days when street women and children are invited to Challenge Farm to celebrate life through music and ministry. The children of Challenge Farm help by passing out toiletries, serving food and performing skits and songs.