Recent Missions Teams

Alabama Team July 2012

by Amy on September 10, 2012

 A Team from Alabama

Maggie Raburn, Melaina Raburn, Mark Freeman, Mark Janezic, Rachel Leahy, and Mike Leahy from US visited Challenge Farm in July and conducted the third annual 5K run to a local village and back. All runners, including kids and staff, received medals and enjoyed the run! We discussed that a race is not always easy and neither is life, the prize in this race is candy, but the prize in life is eternal life in heaven, and we can be inspired to run like Jesus when we run like superheroes.   Philippians 3:12  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

We had craft activities and relay games for both kids and staff, enjoyed Chapel, classes, staff meeting, and free time where we could get to know everyone better.

Also, we met with the men at Kipsongo slums to encourage them to be spiritual leaders in their families.

It is so uplifting to see the progress the kids are making, whether it is singing in the choir, saying a prayer in front of everyone, becoming motivated to study and make good grades on exams, welcoming the many new kids that are able to come to the farm, and generally, growing in spiritual maturity.

Thank you Cheri Thompson-Neese for dedicating 25 years to serving God by changing lives through Challenge Farm.

Marisa’s Recent Trip

by Amy on August 14, 2012

After a recent trip to Challenge Farm, Marisa wrote:

We have found sponsorship to be an absolute blast!  Jake and I have visited our child, Allen for the past 5 years.  We saw him go from a scrawny 10 year old glue-sniffing street kid to a respectable, quiet but goofy 14-year old.  As we have been telling our stories to our friends back home we have had people practically demand that we take them with us.  So last March we brought a mixed group including a family who sponsors one of the kids, our pastors, a videographer and a few close friends.  We called our team the “Dream Team” because we pretty much went to make some of the dreams of people on the team and of some of our Challenge Farm kids to come true.

When we set foot on the Farm we saw jaws drop open when our team saw how beautiful the campus was.  Our pastor who has traveled with us    all around the world (to more than 20 countries) and who has seen children’s homes in every condition possible, he said, “I have never  seen anything like this. It’s beautiful.”  We arranged for part of  the team to stay in the new guest house on the Challenge Farm campus  and the others at the Kitale Country Club.  It only took one day for  our friends staying at the club to request to be moved to the guest house.  It was so beautiful and peaceful, who wouldn’t want to stay there!

As for the work, my husband has been wrestling with the creation of a solar light that is built using an old coke bottle filled with bleach water.  We were able to install a few lights on campus and one in the slum where some of our children’s parents live.  The    light provides free light in dark areas during the day.  For our children in the Kindergarten classroom, this was a big deal because they can now see what they are doing a little better.  The big part is that we taught our older boys how to create the lights, and putting more skills in their repertoire might mean the difference between rice on their future family’s table or not.

We tried to utilize everyone’s skills while we were over there so we had made some arrangements for our pastor to teach leadership things to 60 pastors in the area, one of our ladies led a field day event and passed out medals to all of the kids, our videographer gathered  footage to create videos so that we can get the word out about the Farm and all of us had the opportunity to lean on God and do what he told us to do.  With our younger children we created action stories from the Bible where we had the kids act out scenes from David and  Goliath. With our older kids, we had a special gathering where we  talked about being filled with God’s Spirit and then we individually prayed and prophesied over each child.  It was quite powerful.  Another fun thing that we did was have a special showing of Kung-Fu Panda, which the kids loved.  One of the guys on the team was pretty skilled in Kung-Fu so of course we had to do a Kung-Fun work out session.  It was a blast.

I could go into more and more things that we did, but it would be too much to read. If you are sitting on the edge of your seat and    just have to hear more :) I have started to write out some of the amazing stories in more detail on my blog which you are welcome to  read:  One of my favorite stories from the trip is the one entitled “Nightmares” or the blog about Kenny. ps…Challenge Farm took another child named Kenny off the street  and we got to be a part of the detox process and getting him plugged  into his new family. The trip was life changing for all involved, and next time it seems we will be taking 3 times as many people.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama- June 2011

July 27, 2011

Maggie, who has been to Challenge Farm four times, writes about her team’s trip: In June, 24 people from two churches in Tuscaloosa,  Alabama traveled to Challenge Farm where we were blessed by getting to know the kids and staff and seeing their faith in God through their words and actions. During this week, we […]

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Royal Family Kids Camp – May 2011

March 31, 2011

Ashley, a Royal Family KIDS Camp mentor, comments about her recent experience at Challenge Farm: “We honor you, we worship You. The Giver of life, the Glorious One”. This song has been sung by the kids at the Challenge Farm Orphanage the past two weeks during Royal Family Kids Camp. These kids here have chosen […]

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